Hanna se Kombuis

PROJECT DETAILS: This project was done for a home industry startup and required the design of a logo and a look and feel in line with the farm location of the company. The standard look and feel applies to all of the labels, with the specific product being showcased through a watercolour illustration. DESIGN TYPE: Product Design CLIENT: Hanna se …

Jacaranda Wines – Harvest Range

PROJECT DETAILS: Using photos that was captured during harvest 2020 at Jacaranda Wines by Claudia Link of Link Photography in Switzerland, each of the wines combine the imagery with a fitting name. DESIGN TYPE: Product Design CLIENT: Jacaranda Wine Estate DATE: October 2020 USAGE: Label Print

Guy Munton Spirits

PROJECT DETAILS: We facilitated a wide range of services relating to product design, having started with product placement within a market segment, creating the look & feel and then the development of marketing and offset channels. DESIGN TYPE: Product Design CLIENT: Guy Munton Private Artisanal Distiller DATE: November 2019 USAGE: Label Print

Thokozani Wines

PROJECT DETAILS: This project comprised the label design for a new wine to be added to a wine brand and then the re-design of the existing label to accommodate the new look and feel of the brand image. DESIGN TYPE: Product Design CLIENT: Thokozani Wines DATE: March 2021 USAGE: Label Print