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I am a freelance designer who calls the Boland town of Wellington, North of Cape Town, home. I worked in the wine industry for more than 15 years before retraining and pursuing design full time. Because of the competition in the wine industry, I experienced first hand how valuable good design is in establishing your brand image, in addition to effectively and easily communicate with your target audience in an accessible and attractive manner.

I started sharpening my skills in design in 2007 and have since created works for various clients ranging from website design, marketing collateral such as brand presentations, brochures, business cards, banners and banner walls, print media advertisements, copywriting of blog posts and press releases, design and copywriting of Mailchimp emailers and automations, composing marketing strategies, social media design and management.

Because your company is different, my approach is different - tailor made to your unique needs and desired outcome. I am your in-house graphic & web designer, who does not take up desk space in your office...

Contact me to discuss how we can make your design and marketing dreams a reality.


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