Social Media Frames

PROJECT DETAILS: As a means to motivate visitors to the various properties, the Constantia Wine Route commissioned the design of steel fabricated social media frames, installed at each property. Each of the frames are unique and uses aspects of the property, or the brand image of the property, in order to communicate a visual representation of the location. DESIGN TYPE: …

Framed Banner

PROJECT DETAILS: This design was done for display in a new liquor retail space where advertising opportunities were created for the suppliers through a visual installation of 2.7m high by 2.2m wide. DESIGN TYPE: Large Format Design CLIENT: Constantia Wine Route DATE: January 2021 USAGE: Printed Installation

Trade Fair Pavilion

PROJECT DETAILS: This project outline was to design a large format branded fixture that would be printed on a 3 x 4 meter wall to form the focal point in a trade fair pavilion. DESIGN TYPE: Large Format Design CLIENT: Cape Wine | Cape Town Wine | Constantia Wine Route DATE: March 2018 USAGE: Printed Installation