T's & C's


 Quotes supplied by JP Designs are valid for two (2) weeks from the date of issue.
• To commence a new design project, JP Designs requires the payment of a non-refundable deposit, calculated at 25% of the total value of the project.
• The full fee, as quoted by JP Designs in the Project Proposal and agreed upon by the client, remain payable irrespective whether the client wishes to proceed with production / printing of a design, or the launch of a website.
• Any work required over and above the quoted and agreed upon parameters of the project, shall be charged at our standard hourly rate of R650.00 per hour.
• The full payment of graphic design projects are due before any deliverables are offered to the client.
• The full payment of web design projects are due upon launch / publication of the project.
• The payment of monthly maintenance agreement fees are due no later than the last business day of every month for the full term of the agreement.
• A monthly service fee of 1.5% is payable on all overdue balances. Payments will be credited to late payments first and then to unpaid balances.
• The ownership of intellectual property and copyright of any project remains with JP Designs until the full due payment has been received.
• JP Designs repudiates any responsibility concerning copyright disputes or any potential infringement caused by the artwork and / or copy supplied by the client.


• Alhough JP Designs offers hosting services to existing clients, clients understand that this hardware and software are not based at the business premises of JP Designs and that this server is located and maintained by a secure third-party service provider.
• JP Designs, though every effort is made and precaution taken, cannot be held liable for any downtime in the hosting of the client's website and / or email servers.
• We are a COD company. In the event of design / maintenance fees being in arrears, JP Designs reserves the right to temporarily remove / temporarily disable any online platforms until the account is settled in full.
• JP Designs repudiates any liability to damages resulting from the temporary removal / temporary disabling of the client's online platform.

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