Jacaranda Wines – Harvest Range

PROJECT DETAILS: Using photos that was captured during harvest 2020 at Jacaranda Wines by Claudia Link of Link Photography in Switzerland, each of the wines combine the imagery with a fitting name. DESIGN TYPE: Product Design CLIENT: Jacaranda Wine Estate DATE: October 2020 USAGE: Label Print

Guy Munton Spirits

PROJECT DETAILS: We facilitated a wide range of services relating to product design, having started with product placement within a market segment, creating the look & feel and then the development of marketing and offset channels. DESIGN TYPE: Product Design CLIENT: Guy Munton Private Artisanal Distiller DATE: November 2019 USAGE: Label Print

Thokozani Wines

PROJECT DETAILS: This project comprised the label design for a new wine to be added to a wine brand and then the re-design of the existing label to accommodate the new look and feel of the brand image. DESIGN TYPE: Product Design CLIENT: Thokozani Wines DATE: March 2021 USAGE: Label Print

Wagging Tails

PROJECT DETAILS: By using a simple badge-style design and incorporating a handwriting font, the logo for Wagging Tails speaks to the playful, while instilling professionalism and trust – aspects that the client was quite intent on portraying through the design of the logo. DESIGN TYPE: Brand Development CLIENT: Wagging Tails DATE: January 2020 USAGE: Various Channels

Wellington Unite

PROJECT DETAILS: This project was for the creation of a logo for a community initiative which incorporated the iconic church steeple of the town, with the lower part of it adapted into a table with place settings DESIGN TYPE: Brand Development CLIENT: Wellington Unite DATE: November 2019 USAGE: Various Channels

Wine Wise

PROJECT DETAILS: WineWise is a company that offer professional services and training within the wine industry, focusing on legal compliance and systems relating to consumer services and sales. The brand image centers around a corporate and professional approach, while incorporating the wine bottle elements as a link to the client’s target industry and the graph element symbolising growth through the …

kaNiNi Children’s Clothing

PROJECT DETAILS: This project was done for kaNiNi; a website e-store dedicated to selling bespoke pre-loved children’s clothing. The logo and brand image had to be effective in portraying the target market of the company, while still being playful. DESIGN TYPE: Brand Development CLIENT: kaNiNi DATE: June 2021 USAGE: Various Channels

The BURBS.online

PROJECT DETAILS: The Burbs.online is an e-store that creates a year-round platform for various merchants to enjoy an ongoing retail presence, outside of the physical gift fair that they all exhibit at once per year. Because of the variety of items on sale, and the individual brands of each of the merchants, the logo concept for The Burbs.online was deliberately …

AMA Joinery & Gardening

PROJECT DETAILS: This project comprised the design of a logo for a company who does joinery and landscaping. The design concept was to use the dendrochronological lines of a cross section of wood to mimic the lines of a fingerprint, communicating the personal touch of the projects taken on by the client. DESIGN TYPE: Brand Development CLIENT: AMA Joinery & …

Andre Bloem

PROJECT DETAILS: Using shades of navy was specifically requested by Andre Bloem, while incorporating design elements that combine a contemporary geometric semi-circle representing ploughed fields, topped with the scales of justice to portray the legal industry in which Andre Bloem specialises. Using a hand written font for the main text in the logo emphasises the their personal touch offered to …