Client Tips

It is very important to us that your design needs are fully met and your socks are blown off when you see your completed project.

Here are 3 tips to help you on your
journey into the world of design:

TIP 1:

We all know that some projects develop as they unfold, but TRY TO OFFER YOUR DESIGNER CLEAR GUIDANCE FROM THE START - this avoids delays in the completion of your project and ensures that the designer can make informed decisions and offer input that would best suit the desired outcome of the project.

TIP 2:

As excited as one can get in anticipation of the completion of your project, AVOID RUSHING YOUR DESIGNER OR TRYING TO DIY. Creating with licensed design software and honouring design principles makes for the best possible outcome.

TIP 3:

Probably the most important of all three - respect the creativity of your designer, but ALWAYS BE BRUTALLY HONEST. Designers are artists, delivering work from a place of personal interpretation and creative inspiration. Your designer relies on you to give honest feedback on designs and ideas to ensure that the outcome of the project is exactly as you want it


Let's tackle those questions and get you on your way
to realising your design dreams.

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